Don’t go crackers

For most of us, November started off with a bang! But unfortunately remembering the redemption from explosive chaos does little to help us manage our time, stress, skills and finances over November and December. It’s like we just go from one event to the next, our limited weekends disappearing under the demands of a myriad of social events – all costing us ‘a little here and a little there’. Before we know it, we look at our bank balance and somehow our budget figures seem to be quite different to the reality – this can drive us crackers! Here are […]

When it comes to the rand – local is lekker

Have you ever wondered what causes the rise and drop in commodity prices? While there are several factors at play, the most significant cause is the fluctuating value of a country’s currency. We’ve seen this happen with our own rand in the past few months as our currency has tumbled and gained momentary reprieves, so has the price of certain commodities. As things currently stand our currency is doing better than it was in January of this year, but with the ominous threat of ‘junk status’ around the corner we can’t be sure what the future holds – and the […]

Who is Amity Wealth?

Amity Wealth is an independent discretionary investment manager approved by the Financial Services Board. The company manages investments on behalf of a network of independent financial professionals and services thousands of investors.Click on the button below to download the Amity Wealth Brochure

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Key factors currently affecting investments

Join Ian and Jessica, two of our expert investment analysts, as they discuss some of the pertinent issues, inside of the current market landscape, to your investment portfolio. They address the impact of low economic growth, political influences, global low interest rates and currency. After watching the video clip, we hope you will have a better grasp on these factors – but if you have any further questions, our team is ready to provide you with access to the financial advice that you need.

A woman’s will

Happy Women’s Day for tomorrow! In celebration of Women’s Month I wanted to share an article that focuses specifically on a financial planning aspect that is often overlooked for women. Recently, the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (Fisa) discussed some important financial planning considerations for women that highlighted the need for an up-to-date will. It is estimated that at least half of the estates reported at the Master’s Office each year are of people who died intestate (without a will). This is largely due to the fact that South Africans often don’t see the need to draft a will, especially […]

The power of positivity and a good plan

Have you ever told yourself, “When I have more money, I’ll be happier”? How about, “I’ll never be able to pay off this debt”? These sort of toxic money thoughts are holding you back from financial success – and happiness! A good financial plan needs to be attainable and measurable, those expressions are neither. The first step to a financial plan is both the hardest and the easiest – it’s the starting point. The point where you measure how deep you are so that you can calculate what you need to do to get where you want to be. Measuring […]

Cancer claims reveal risk trends

Recent statistics made available by Liberty Life reveal that cancer is the leading cause of claims paid by the assurer in 2015. One in four claims paid by Liberty were for cancer, and the proportion of claims for cancer is increasing, even at younger ages. Motor vehicle accidents are typically cited as the reason that young people need disability or income protection cover, but cancer was a greater cause accounting for 12.3% of claims (motor vehicles accounted for 11.9%). Even more worrying is the fact that in young parents, cancer was the cause for claim for 22.5%. These statistics are […]

What happens after a market downgrade?

There has been much murmuring in the financial field as of late regarding queries with respect to investing locally, or shifting all portfolios offshore, specifically in the light of the widespread media coverage and speculation regarding South Africa’s credit rating and the likelihood of a downgrade to “junk status” – which could happen as soon as the third quarter. While there is some speculation about when it might happen the general consensus seems to be that it is no longer a question of “if”, but “when”. It is thought that South Africa’s sovereign debt rating will be cut below investment […]

Investing in your fifties

Many young people neglect to plan for their retirement during their early working lives, arguing that they will take care of it later in life when they are earning a bigger salary. However, on the flip side of the coin, as people get older they assume that they must rebalance their portfolios into more conservative investments. Luckily, most people are choosing to retire later in life. If you have left investing in your retirement until later in life, there may be a risk in investing too conservatively (not enough exposure to growth assets like shares and listed property) as your […]

Financial Fortifications for Forty Somethings

It’s often said that the best years are the forties – and for so many reasons! Whilst everyone is different, it’s good to state at the start of this article that this perspective is becoming even more prevalent. Some forty year-olds are in their first marriage with kids, others are in their second or third… with kids. Some have never been married and have no inclination of doing so. These situations place people in very different landscapes, but they all have one thing in common – over forty years of life behind them. It poses a unique opportunity to view […]