Living annuities and how they affect your living

Oh, the ironies of life…  One of South Africa’s most contentious laws regarding annuities states that a retirement fund may not be completely withdrawn in a lump sum, but a minimum of two thirds must be invested into a compulsory living annuity in an attempt to aid preservation of retirement money. Even those who are well informed about their retirement money sometimes forget this element of their annuities. Then along came the Coronavirus pandemic with global lockdowns. On 23 April, Treasury announced new living annuity drawdown relief measures for COVID-19 that effectively neutralise their living annuity laws. The new proposed […]

Words that will make (or cost) you money

Communication around your finances is crucial if you want to be more mindful and intentional around wealth creation. There are some conversations that will help you ascribe meaning to your money, and these should happen early on in your planning process (and regularly thereafter). Then there are conversations that will facilitate the actioning of your financial plan and will be important when you need to make changes to your portfolio. Here is a quick guide to five key terms that you’ll hear crop up again and again as you take action in your financial plan. 1. Dividend A dividend is […]

Hold onto your life cover

Sometimes it feels like this conversation is a broken record, constantly going round and around on the same track: people the world over are feeling the financial pinch and tightening belts. It’s not just a local issue, and it’s not a new concern. A few minutes on Instagram or Twitter will reveal just how many are building their third, fourth or fifth ‘side hustle’. This is partly because our internet age has made alternative streams of income more viable, but also because our current economic pressures make it almost impossible for families to cope with a single, or even dual, […]

Finding the fungibility in commodities

Depending on your level of investing savvy, you may or may not be comfortable with the term ‘commodities’. As our global systems currently enter one of the toughest times experienced in over a hundred years, you may hear this term bandied about a fair amount. Essentially, commodities are the basic building blocks of the global economy, upon which most other goods are created. They fall into two broad categories – hard and soft. Hard commodities are natural resources that must be mined or extracted. These include energies such as oil and natural gas, and metals such as gold and aluminium. […]

Working with different money personalities

As the 2020 global pandemic for COVID-19 becomes forever etched in our history, most of us will remember how the term ‘lockdown’ moved from a novelty to a serious psychological threat. At the point of writing this blog, it’s not clear just how vast and integrated the knock-on effect of lockdown will be, but for most of us it’s confronted us with conversations we’ve never had to have before. Being confined indoors, or a specific area for an extended period of time brings out the deeper facets of our personalities and stress coping skills. Several years ago an article by […]

Investing amid uncertainty

Anything of any value takes time. Likewise, creating wealth is a long-term process. Well-structured investment strategies have always taken uncertainty into account. Patience, resilience and a robust strategy are imperative to weather the global investment storm that has been raging in recent times. As you embark, or continue, upon your journey to great financial security, it is important to wholly understand the investment landscape. This is one of the areas where having an adviser you trust will help you successfully navigate the ups and downs of a stormy market and exploit the nuances of profit-yielding opportunities. If you experience pangs […]

A level head saves skewed vision

As Nelson Mandela said, once we’ve climbed a great hill we only find that there are many more hills to climb. When you’re looking up or down the hill, it’s easy to have a skewed vision of what’s really going on. We spend more time going up and down than resting at the top; it’s difficult to hold a level head in times of turmoil. You may look at your bank statement this morning and see that there won’t be enough to cover your debit orders and upcoming expenses. This is scary! Conversely, you may see plenty of money and […]

Avoid these investment decisions

Do you know what’s going to happen in the markets tomorrow? Neither do we! All we know is that the markets are an opportunity to invest our money in helping the economy grow, and watching our money grow with it. That’s a really simplistic view, but it helps us extract our emotional reactions from the final decisions that we make. Should we ignore fear? Absolutely not – we should talk about it lots! That’s one of the benefits of having a financial adviser that you trust on your side. Talking things through is a great way to avoid knee-jerk reactions. […]

Bear Markets vs Bull Markets

When it comes to investing in the markets, the terms bull and bear market are used to describe how stock markets are doing in general. Simply put, are they going up or are they going down? At the same time, because the market is determined by investors’ attitudes, these terms also denote how investors feel about the market and the ensuing trends. Driving up A bull market refers to a market that is on the rise. It is typified by a sustained increase in price, for example in equity markets in the prices of companies’ shares. In such times, investors […]

Why have the markets taken a knock?

In a nutshell, the markets are driven by business activity which is supported by investor confidence. When businesses have investors, they can grow and create more value, which in turn encourages more investors. When businesses can’t run normally (like in the case of a global pandemic), investors fear they will lose money and pull out their investments or stop supplying more cash – which hits the businesses even harder. The interconnected world we live in means we are all affected by movements in other countries. Trade shutdowns and lockdowns on the other side of the world will affect everyone here […]