Don’t sabotage your future self

Bad market performance, government lockdowns, global epidemics and loadshedding aren’t what threaten our investing and financial behaviour. Our biggest threat is ourselves. Studies have shown that people improve substantially in financial and investment decisions as they get older. When we are young — and perhaps less secure in our financial situation — we have a tendency to be controlled by emotional biases; strong impulses that can be detrimental to our investment habits. Behavioural economists refer to some typical flaws that are commonly seen in investment decisions as failures of rationality. In order to achieve long-term financial goals, it is, therefore, […]

Fight the fear

When life doesn’t go according to plan, our first response will often be one of fear. Unfortunately, life generally never goes according to plan – so we encounter fear a lot! Since fear cannot be avoided, we need to develop tools to cope with it so that we can allow it a constructive space in our lives, and not let it be a destructive force if left unchecked. Hopefully, this brief article can spark conversations that will help us all learn to fight the fear in our daily lives and begin to explore our own unique reactions a little closer. […]

Understand what you need in your adviser

Here’s the thing about a 20-minute DIY job: it never takes 20 minutes. Either you don’t have the right tools, or the right skills… or the materials turn out to be too hard, too soft, too big, too small etc. On the rare occasion, it might take you 20 minutes or less. You might be perfectly suited to it, and have all you need on hand. For most of us – it doesn’t turn out that way. The same is true for our financial planning. It’s not about relinquishing control, it’s about maintaining a fresh perspective on how you manage […]

Financial wellness mindsets for life’s autumn

Autumn is a precious time of year and is perhaps an altogether more positive metaphor for another special time: the tail end of middle age when we are far from elderly, but far from young. You look up one day and realise that while you were busy building a life with your family, or perhaps pursuing a fulfilling career, the years rolled by more quickly than you thought. There’s still time on the proverbial clock, but you’ve now reached the autumn of life. What can you do to ensure financial stability? Just like autumn, this age is a time of […]

Make your life easier – Part 3

Don’t avoid digital help. Whilst there are many dystopian stories about how robots will take over the world, those projected realities are highly unlikely to ever manifest. AI, big data and cloud storage can be our friend in making our life easier – which is what technology was always intended for! Granted, we can easily become disconnected from the material and relational world around us if we immerse ourselves too completely in the digital world, so balance is always crucial – but still, we can be astute in how we use it. These tips are all about how digital space […]

Make your life easier – Part 2

Every time we say ‘YES’ to something new, it seems to just make our life more complicated down the line; more events to attend, increased responsibilities and less time to relax and do what we really want to do. Finding just the right amount of order in your life is one of the secrets to making your life easier (learning to say ‘No.’ is another secret…) Whilst we can’t just stop growing and adding more to our lives, we can look at ways to make other things in our life easier. From planning our budget to organizing our laundry, no […]

Offshore investing and the new expat tax

As of 1 March 2020, an amendment to the South African Income Tax Act will have definite ramifications on the lives of South Africans living and working abroad. Now that this infamous ‘expat tax’ is in effect, SA expats are now obligated to pay up to 45% of their foreign income to the taxman when it exceeds R1 million per annum, which includes any fringe benefits provided as part of the job. But what about investors? How does ‘expat tax’ change your investment strategy and how should you approach offshore earnings being taxed from an investment perspective? Please remember that […]

Make your life easier – Part 1

Every day our lives get a little more complicated. That’s the reality of the world that we’re currently living in. It’s not easy to keep order in your life – even if you’re one of the few who excel in keeping things in line! Finding just the right amount of order in your life is one of the secrets to making your life easier (learning to say ‘No.’ is another secret…) When you can find what you’re looking for, quickly and easily, you will have more time to be creative and work on projects that will help you grow, but […]

The NHI: What we know so far

South Africa has just had its annual Budget Speech, with one of the many controversial topics not addressed being the National Health Insurance scheme. Yet President Ramaphosa stated very recently that he expects it to be fully rolled out within the next five years. The NHI was initially to kick off on 1 March 2020 but is currently years away from full implementation, with much still unknown about how NHI will actually work. So, what do we know? Here’s a list of answers to common questions about the NHI in order to keep you up-to-date with the latest facts. What […]

Does your wealth creation strategy need more love?

February is the month of love, but it’s also the first real month of the year for most of us, once we’ve got back into our routines and come back to grips with life after the holidays in January. As a result, you may be thinking of how to get your 2020 goals going, especially your financial goals, rather than romance. However, there is a way to think of both. In honour of the month of love, we’ve made a list of things to ask yourself on behalf of your investment strategy, based on some of psychologists and marriage counsellors’ […]