Coffee, makes you think

After owing its name to the mindful Fransciscan monks, the Capuchin friars, many of us overlook our daily cappuccino (or other frothy delight) and how much we spend on these little luxuries in life. One of the best ways to add meaning to our money is to be mindful about how we spend it, and our financial well-being is closely linked to how we feel about our money and what it means to us. If we use the example of buying a daily cup of take-away coffee (this could be from Woolies, Starbucks or your local hipster cafe) – we […]

The RA-minder

For many, the way in which we save and invest is not a daily conversation, so it’s easy to forget what we have in place AND WHY we have it in place. Here’s a quick reminder! An RA… or Retirement Annuity is one such product that can often confuse many. RAs have been around for a long time and are basically private pension plans that help you to save for retirement. As we near the end of yet another tax year, we move into a period that is often referred to as RA season, which is a good time to […]

What you need to know about the new ‘expat tax’

One of the hardest aspects of working with tax and tax law is that the rules change slightly every year – making it tricky dice to roll without an expert on your team. There will be a new law soon that legislates how much tax you as a South African must pay on money you do not earn in and from South Africa. On 1 March, the new section 10(1)(o)(ii) of the Income Tax Act (known as ‘expat tax’) comes in after an extension period granted by the government previously. The section was controversial in that the government said in […]

Share the love with your wallet

Is it time for some romance without the rands? You can sweep someone off their feet whilst keeping yours on the ground. Valentine’s Day has gained the reputation of being a Hallmark holiday that promotes Lindt rather than love.  Ahead of rushing off to the shops to buy a big bunch of flowers or box of chocolates, you may wish to take a moment to reflect on the meaning behind the day and how you can best show your affection.  THE STORY BEHIND THE HISTORY Valentine’s Day is thought to go back to a fertility festival held on 15 February […]

What’s the state of your budget?

Each year we are presented with our president’s State of the Nation address and the finance minister’s budget speech around the same time. The SONA is closely linked to how money is spent; it’s a powerful reminder for us to consider the close link between our lives and our budgets! Good finances begin and end with good budgeting – when you have a good budget and stick to it, you’re often 90 percent of the way to wherever you want your money to get you. But what is it about budgets that make it so hard to stick to them? […]

Breathe cleaner air in your home

Here’s all you need to know about houseplants! We live in increasingly polluted environments – both inside and outside! Trees and plants remain the best ‘machines’ for pumping down carbon dioxide and supplying us with clean air. Without good, clean air, we have less energy and are more prone to allergies and poor health. If you want to improve your home or work space, here are a few reasons why you could consider plants in your home and office. Choose the plants wisely If you decide to go for indoor plants, do your research around what different types of plants […]

Global macro trends for SA investors to watch in 2020

Every investor has their own unique style when it comes to the rigorous decision-making process that goes into what to include in their portfolio and how to weight it. January, with the fresh perspective that comes from a break and a new financial year pending, is often the ideal time to take a look at investment decisions from a new angle. One of the most useful ways to do that is the big picture look at trends affecting investing on a global scale. This ‘seeing the wood for the trees’ approach can help with a far longer-term approach. Here are […]

Improve the way you invest for the year

Having an eager desire to achieve more is a key motivator for success. If you want to achieve more in your investing, why not consider setting new wealth goals and not just new health goals for the new year? New and revised goals require a new plan, so for continued success with your investments into this year, start planning properly. Here are four strategies to get your new investment year started on solid footing and continue building your wealth. 1. Use the end of the financial year to plan for what you want from the new one The end of […]

Moving on from “summer-body” goals

Ever set yourself a goal to get your ‘summer body’ ready? On some level, all of us have moments when we’re not happy with our bodies and the way they look – whether it’s seasonal, emotional or hereditary… and we resolve to do something about it. For many of us… these turn out to be short-term goals. We could work at the change for a few weeks, or even a few months, but if we manage to maintain that goal throughout our life we will have managed to turn a short term goal into a bigger vision of a healthy […]

Goodwill to all: a closer look at ESG stock options

Swiss banks hold a certain cachet about knowing good from bad investments, and currently the hottest topic on their lips are ESG funds. ESG stock options – or, rather, ‘Environmental, Social and Governance sustainability’ – have been steadily gaining traction among investors in the last few months, emerging into something of a buzzword. Once considered a ‘hippie tree-hugging’ concept, ESG funds are having a moment in the sun (hopefully a sustained moment…). And, in December, they’re likely to have more of a moment still. After all, this is the season of charity and goodwill to all. Wouldn’t it be nice […]