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Quintus Wealth provides professional financial advice and coaching to those who have the financial ability
to create a better future and WEALTH for themselves and their family.
We offer both coaching and financial planning … so what is the difference between the two?
A coach empowers clients to reach their goals and achieve their personal dreams.
A financial advisor empowers clients to build wealth through long-term financial planning.

Life, Executive and Team Coaching

We empower you to take responsibility for your decisions, help you develop and maintain healthy habits, and serve as an accountability partner throughout the process. We support our clients in achieving greater fulfilment in their life aspirations.

Financial Advice

Our integrated financial planning process, provides the foundation for wealth accumulation, growth, protection and distribution. By designing your unique financial plan, we protect you against risks and achieve wealth creation.

Offshore Investments

Investing offshore is not about timing the market but rather realising we live in a small part of the investable universe and being part of that investable universe.

About Us

At Quintus Wealth we believe in empowering our clients through coaching and financial planning and a combination of both. We all need a financial plan; a road map that guides us so we can achieve our financial goals and build wealth yet at the same time protect us against risks, such as death or financial loss. But as we journey in life, we need a coach who walks alongside us as we navigate obstacles. Someone to bounce ideas with and keep us accountable and remind us of our dreams and goals whilst we get on with the business of life.

We believe that through empowering our clients, they are more confident to take control of their lives and achieve their purpose and dreams. By empowering our clients, they are empowering their families and those that are dependent upon them.

At Quintus Wealth we want to create better futures for our clients and their families.

As a husband and wife team we know that it takes planning, discipline and goal setting to achieve a work-life balance, whilst spending quality time with our family and loved ones.

Meet the Team

Sigrid Madonko

083 679 3696 | 021 712 4874



Sigrid believes that every client is unique and has a bespoke financial plan that will enable them to reach their financial goals and wealth potential. Sigrid offers a boutique solution to each client because each person matters and no one is just a number.

Sigrid has the following values that are evident in her financial offering to her clients:

  • Honestly and transparency in fees
  • Regular communication
  • Financial literacy
  • Giving back

 Qualifications: Certified Financial Planner ®, RE5 (Representative), RE1 (Key Individual), FAIS Regulatory Exams. Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Communications University of South Africa, post graduate diploma in Financial Planning from the University of the Free State. Member of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and Commissioner of Oaths.


C: 083 679 3696

Nkulu Madonko

082 465 6060 | 021 712 4874



Nkulu helps individuals take aim at their personal potential and breakthrough barriers. Nkulu guides clients through a proven process to create and implement a customized plan for personal growth in the most important and strategic areas of their life. He also offers leadership coaching, focusing on each client’s agenda and the challenges they face. He provides key insights to help them gain forward traction, and encourage them in the process.

In the Team coaching approach, Nkulu helps the team gain team direction and improve team alignment. In addition, he equips them with effective team development strategies, and the keys to increase team engagement, performance and improve team culture.

Qualifications: With over 15 years of Executive Human Resource Leadership experience, Nkulu is a Qualified Advanced Practitioner - International Coaching Federation (ICF), as well as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) equivalent pass with ICF. He is a member of the Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA).


C: 082 465 6060

Lisa van Vuuren

021 712 4874



Lisa is an accomplished Personal Assistant receptive to client needs. She commenced employment at a property company, and moved into the financial environment. She joined Quintus Wealth in March 2020.

Living Social Justice

Our team are dedicated to addressing issues of social justice through the Common Good initiative. We seek to make a positive and lasting impact in the areas of early childhood development, education and employment, so that individuals and communities across Cape Town can build brighter futures for themselves.


Thank you for this, you remind me of a group I work with, they are always “ahead of the curve” it is so refreshing to know that you are always looking ahead and anticipating what folk might need. Like after 9/11 the world will not be the same again and it is interesting to figure out a new way of doing things which will probably be a whole lot better, this is going to “reset” our minds. Take care, stay healthy.

Peter Lyne

Sigrid is an excellent financial adviser. I know from experience as her client. Whatever your stage in life, wealth level you have or ability with finances, Sigrid can be counted on to provide professional and prudent advice to suit your circumstances.</p

Nick Ash

Principal Consultant at Ricardo Energy & Environment

Sigrid ensures that she understands her client's requirements and tailors unique financial advice that includes options and solutions for short to long term financial strategy. Furthermore, she shares regular updates about the economy and the impact that these changes could have on your investment and financial strategy.

Claire Clarivette

Finance Analyst at Right To Play

Sigrid became my financial advisor in 2007. She quickly helped me do a spring clean of my finances. She pointed out where I had room for growth and where financial institutions had taken advantage of me in my financial 'immaturity'. I have full confidence in her. I love that she is primarily a financial advisor but is realistic with the life stage I am in with small kids. She is astute in her role and I trust her completely.

Bianca Le Feuvre

Medical doctor

Sigrid sets a high standard! She has a clear vision for her clients and a compassionate ear for real-life problems. From her business approach to her personal priorities, she always acts with integrity. I appreciate her professionalism and her attention to detail.

Tim Slatter


Hi Sigrid. I Just want to say a huge THANK YOU for helping us make those much needed changes to our “portfolio”. We came to you with medical aid, short term insurance, and 1 life policy; and left with a better medical aid, health rewards program, GAP cover, better short term instance, driving rewards program, two life policies and an RA from 3 products to 8, with a monthly saving of almost R1500 not including rewards! To say we are chuffed is an understatement! We look forward to doing more business with you in the not-too-distant-future. You and your assistant rock!

Fred and Natalie