Helping You Achieve
Your Ambitions the Right Way

Are you frustrated with your current situation?
Does your personal situation demand attention?
Need a coach to help you break through barriers?
I offer coaching in the areas of life purpose & personal growth,
leadership, and team resilience & purpose.

Here's How I Can Help You:

Life Purpose & Growth Planning

I will guide you through a proven process to create and implement a customized plan for personal growth in the most important and strategic areas of your life.
I help you create your own growth plan.
If you take a few minutes every day, both reviewing your growth plan and taking the actions, you will experience dramatic results.


Leadership coaching is focused on your
agenda and the challenges you face. I will
listen carefully, ask thought-provoking
questions, provide key insights to help
you gain forward traction and encourage
you in the process.

Team Coaching

Team Resilience & Purpose
In this coaching approach you’ll be equipped with effective team resilience and purpose alignment strategies. We will journey through the Synergistix Resilience framework.

See details on the Synergistix Resilience™ Training Programme.

Team Coaching:
Includes Group Facilitation work with Teams through:
Coaching Circles: enabling teams to become self-sustaining and self-supporting going forward.
Systemic Team Coaching: helping teams improve both their collective performance, as well as how they develop their collective leadership, talent, and resources – to more effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider organisation.

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