We all want options; whether we choose to live in South Africa or move abroad, we want investment options. We can live in South Africa yet enjoy the currency and geographical diversification from offshore investments. 

Investing overseas or moving abroad seems daunting as there are different regulations, laws, and taxes applicable in each jurisdiction. Each has its rules and requirements that need to be met to facilitate the process; it is therefore important to get the right advice and assistance before embarking on the process. 

At Quintus Wealth, we believe in assisting individuals and families in getting the right advice before embarking on the process. We meet with individuals and assist them in the process. Be it opening an offshore bank account, investing offshore or buying property abroad, we embark with them in the journey and use our partners in the process.

Investing offshore is not about timing the market but rather realising we live in a small part of the investable universe. If one only invests in the JSE, a fraction of the world’s markets, investing offshore is accessing the rest of the investible universe.