The Value of Good Advice

Positive steps to regulate and improve the conduct and professionalism of the financial planning industry have been made over the past months and are now coming to a point where it will impact our clients. These steps have been called the Retail Distribution Review (RDR). On the surface, RDR is looking to turn the commission-based world of financial advice on its head and render it a fee-charging service – just like any other professional service, such as that offered by an architect or a lawyer. Deeper down, it will create a level of accountability that thrives in an environment of […]

Living Annuities for Retirement Planning

One sneaky fact about retirement, that many of us often overlook, is that it arrives faster than we expect! Essentially, we are never too young to think about our retirement investments inside of a healthy financial portfolio. As you read this blog, please also bear in mind that each person’s retirement goals are unique and may have different investment vehicles inside their retirement investment plan. This post refers specifically to living annuities – and can be rather technical. If you have specific questions regarding your portfolio, then let’s set up a meeting to address your personal situation. South African pensioners […]

Junk Status – A Fallen Angel

The South African landscape of junk status is looking rocky and, in a time like this, it is important to stay informed about what is happening and how it could affect you. Political risks from South Africa’s cabinet reshuffle on the last day of March 2017 have been labelled accountable for Standard & Poor’s (S&P) downgrade of the country’s international credit rating to junk status and the subsequent currency crash. In spite of Jacob Zuma’s attempts to encourage his cabinet to quell the fears of international investors, his firing of some of his critics and the finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, […]

Do High School Fees Equal High Quality Education?

In a land of inequality, education has a greater value than ever before and it can pave the path of success for children. However, many parents are financially crippling themselves in order to offer what is considered the ‘best’ education for their offspring, when this is arguably not wholly necessary. In an unstable political and economic climate, in which certain human rights are sadly still far from inalienable, most parents understand that it is important to invest in their child’s welfare and future. If value were to correspond directly with quality, it could be safely assumed that higher fees would […]

What will Trump your investments?

America is a massive global economy. Whilst we can all agree that whatever happens over there will certainly affect our economy and investment opportunities (local and offshore), you may have some questions as to how it affects us. Brian Kantor, chief economist and strategist with Investec Wealth, recently published his thoughts online on the BizNews website. The article presents some insightful graphs and specific trends that may not interest everyone, but certainly paint the scene in a way that allows us to see ‘real-time’ affect on our economy. As a short precursor it’s important to note that Trump’s post-election rallying, […]

Top tax tips for small businesses in South Africa

January may begin with resolutions for the year ahead – but March begins with Tax Resolutions for the next tax year. We promise ourselves to be a little more organised, a little more prudent and try to minimise our contributions the next time around. BusinessTech recently said that with the many challenges small business owners face every day, being tax compliant is often not at the top of the list and tax deadlines often come and go in the struggle of trying to keep the business afloat. The single, sole proprietor often goes it alone, not realising that business tax […]

Budget 2017 – A quick precis

The Budget for 2017 has been presented to parliament and is awaiting final approval, but if all goes through as planned, here are some key issues that may affect your financial planning for the year – as well as your investment portfolio. Significant announcements New 45% tax rate for those earning more than R1.5 million per annum. (Around 100 000 taxpayers are affected) Dividend withholding tax increased from 15% to 20% (this will have an impact on your investments) No increases in VAT or Capital Gains Tax (great news on no change to CGT) Tax changes Government will raise an […]

Organize your life – Part 1

Some people are amazingly good at bringing order to chaos and organizing their lives in such a way that makes the rest of us simply stand and gawk, thinking ‘How do they do it?’. Finding just the right amount of order in your life will not only help you minimise waste – but it will also help you reduce stress! When you can find what you’re looking for, quickly and easily, you will have more time to be creative and work on projects that will help you grow, but you also won’t need to go out and ‘buy another one’… […]

Should you have a Tax Free Savings Account?

In an article recently published on Moneyweb Today (by Paul Leonard, CFP, Regional Head, Citadel), several points were made that succinctly provided useful insight for those considering the options about investing in a TFSA, and deciding whether or not it would be the most appropriate savings vehicle. Before making any final decisions, it’s always best for us to meet and assess your investment plan based on your financial needs analysis – but these pointers should help you understand the nature of this product and how it would work inside of your financial plan. The use of tax free savings and […]

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

The best gifts are the one’s that show deep consideration for the recipient. That means that Valentine’s Day is not just about flowers, chocolate, biltong and a cute travel mug… it’s about knowing your partner and buying them something that they would truly love! So here are some pointers for this Valentine’s day for expressing your appreciation! EXPERIENCE OVER EXPENSE The best gifts are memories, not expensive trinkets. If you plan it right, your entire Valentine’s treat could revolve around a unique, personal and breath-taking experience! You could plan to have the element of spontaneity, showing attention and forethought whilst […]