Wrapping Up and Moving Forward with Strength and Peace

With the early start to a New Year, many have dutifully set goals and planned for the year, including myself. Sometimes, in an effort to move forward, we forget to resolve the past. As we lurch forward into the new year, we may have a foot stuck in some quicksand from the past. How can we step into 2022 on solid ground, free to leave 2021 in the past? Start with what’s “left over” from 2021. There may be tasks or projects on a “to do” list that needed to be completed, dumped, or delegated. Discern what they are before […]

Ten deposits that will enrich your relationships

We love deposits. Every time your paycheck lands in your bank account, you undoubtedly feel a bit of excitement, or maybe even relief. Whenever you receive an unexpected gift, or a bonus, that extra deposit puts a smile on your face (and might even send you on an unexpected shopping spree). And the more deposits you make into your retirement account, the more it compounds over time. But money isn’t the only area deposits make a difference. Relational deposits are equally powerful…even more so. When we make deposits into our relationships—whether at home, at work, in community, or among friends—we […]